Mold Damage & Removal

Mold Damage & Removal Services

Mold growth in your home or property can cause safety and serious health problems. It is important to act quickly and safely remove mold from your home or business. Our trained San Diego County mold removal technicians can safely eliminate mold and prevent it from spreading and damaging more property. At EZ Water Damage Restoration Services we will use specialized cleaning equipment to remediate the mold, carefully remove the contaminated property and safely dispose of it. 

Our Mold Damage Remediation Steps

  • Asses the size of the mold
  • Evaluate the type of damaged material
  • Stop the water or moisture problem
  • Clean the infected area
  • Dispose of contaminated property
  • Reassess the area with a complete mold test

Some Of The Side Effects Caused By Mold

There are so many comon side effects caused by mold exposure, especially those who are sensitive to molds. For example, molds can cause nasal issues, throat irritation, coughing, eye and skin irritation. In some more serious cases mold can cause allergic reactions, infections and respiratory problems.

Remove the mold quickly and permanately by hiring a trained San Diego County mold removal professional from EZ Water Damage Restoration Services.